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    All Over The Face

    Like A Bull In A China Shop (Album)


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    All Over The Face

    Like A Bull In A China Shop (Official Music Video)

    All Over The Face

    Working With The Working Class (Lyric Video)

    All Over The Face

    Dharmapala's Vision - Live at Krone Pub Winterthur

    All Over The Face

    Like a bull in a china shop - Live at Krone Pub Winterthur

  • Members

    • Bass: Voll Tschüss
    • Drums: Chrisi
    • Guitar: Krawalter
    • Vocals: Quives
  • Shows

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    Past Shows

    • 03.10.2020 Zensur, Winterthur
    • 05.09.2020 Kantine Attisholz, Soletta (Move Your Feet with Unified Move, Freezes Deyna, I Cut Out Your Name, Imperio)
    • 22.08.2020 Ebrietas, Zürich (Sommernachtskrach with Firebreather, The Skunks)
    • 22.08.2020 Kochareal Open-Air, Zureich (with Unified Move)
    • 13.12.2019 Espace Autogéré, Lausanne (ACAB Day with Les Uns)  
    • 12.11.2019 Kochareal Blaushuus, Zureich (with Calf, Feedbacker)
    • 09.11.2019 Juch, Zureich (with Suspicious Suitcases, Entgleist)
    • 01.11.2019 Sansi Bar, Zürich (with Orängättäng, Matrone)
    • 25.10.2019 Coq d`Or, Olten (with Barackca, Raufhandel)
    • 11.10.2019 Escape Noir, St. Imier (LE FESTIVAL KEPONTEAM)
    • 07.10.2019 Die Cafete, Bern (with Implore, Nihilo)
    • 24.08.2019 Saanen (Rumble in the Mountains III with Raptus Di Follia, Unified Move, Ekel)
    • 16.08.2019 Ebrietas (with SIX-SCORE, Indoctrinate)
    • 14.12.2018 Piccadilly, Brugg (Asis für Soziales with Defused, Giftstoff, Lass Das)
    • 19.10.2018 Ebrietas, Zürich (with Gewoon Fucking Raggen, Drill)
    • 18.10.2018 Kochareal Blaushuus, Zureich (with Feedbacker, Calf)
    • 13.10.2018 Mundwerk, Zürich Oerlikon (Mehr Anker für die Punker / Ein grässlicher Abend with Rhabarber, Kabuki Joe, Güssl)
    • 23.06.2018 Lakuz, Langenthal (Punk-Night with Escalator Haters, The Fired)
    • 16.06.2018 Gaswerk, Winterthur (Tatts for Pets with Call The Cops, White Dog Suicide, Thorazin Therapie)
    • 07.05.2018 Ebrietas, Zürich (with Brond)
    • 29.03.2018 Sansi Bar, Zürich (Album Release Show with Captain Control)
    • 12.01.2018 Ebrietas, Zürich (ANTIHEROES #1 with Insanity, Keep Talking, Sacrificed with a Scythe)
    • 18.06.2017 Kochareal Blaushuus, Zureich (with Svetlanas)
    • 29.04.2017 Gaswerk, Winterthur (Tatts for Pets with The Skunks, Crude Caress, Mycelia)
    • 22.02.2017 Ebrietas, Zürich (with Beaten To Death)
    • 13.01.2017 Ebrietas, Zürich (with Deaddrunk, Let Them Eat Money, Güssl)
    • 17.12.2016 Kulturschuppen, Klosters (with Totemstack, Snert, In Love Your Mother, Restpöschtä)
    • 06.11.2016 Koch Areal, Zureich (with The Giving, Declined)
    • 15.08.2016 Dynamo Werk 21, Zürich (with Such Gold)
    • 13.08.2016 Provitreff, Zürich (Blood Sweat and Beers Fest with The Causalties, La Inquisition, The Strapones, Strongbow)
    • 19.02.2016 La Onda, Davos (with The Giving)
    • 19.12.2015 Krone Pub, Winterthur (with Escalator Haters, Crude Caress)
    • 14.11.2015 Dynamo Werk 21, Zürich (with Warrior Kids, The Locals, Brutti e ignoranti)
    • 29.08.2015 Kochareal Blaushuus, Zureich (with New Kids From The Docks, The Fags)
    • 02.05.2015 Chicago Bar Langschtrass, Zürich (with Crude Caress)
    • 06.12.2014 Chicago Bar Langschtrass, Zürich (with New Kids From The Docks)
    • 25.10.2014 Güeterschuppe Wollishofen, Zürich (with Sunpower, Speedy and the fuck offs)
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    Lyrics Sheet Album "Like A Bull In A China Shop"

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    Album "Like A Bull In A China Shop"



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    DIY Conspiracy


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